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About Beach Elementary

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Beach Elementary students are 2nd and 3rd grade.  Beach Elementary is located on the Cedar Springs Public Schools Campus. 
We believe that the most effective school environment is one that emphasizes the education of the WHOLE child - including skills that they will need to be the BEST that they can be in our society. There is a pro-active mindset in teaching our children HOW to interact with each other responsibly, and how to conduct themselves in our school and world.
As we travel down the road of learning with your children, our staff believes in equipping our students with all of the tools they will need to be successful "big people". Our goal is to assist you as parents in teaching the children in our care the importance of the Habits of Mind; Responsibility, Caring, Teamwork, Effort, Common Sense, Initiative, Sense of Humor, Cooperation, Friendship, and other attributes that make for a fulfilling and successful life.